Kitchen Slave

Back when me and my three brothers were younger and lived at home, my mom invented something called the “Kitchen Slave”.

Each kid got a day that we were the designated “Kitchen Slave”, and when it was our turn, our job was to do anything and everything required to keep that kitchen running…helping cook, washing dishes, wiping counters, taking the garbage out, you name it!

There are days I long to have a Kitchen Slave to call my own. Unfortunately, around these parts I’M the Kitchen Slave. Although Ben and Carys have small, age-appropriate chores that they help with, every day is Mommy’s day to be Kitchen Slave. You moms of little ones know what I mean….days where you cook, cleanup, wipe, load dishwasher, and then repeat like four or five times. Slavery indeed :) . And that’s not counting the times when toddlers get into the jar of peanut butter, dump dish soap on the floor, or decide to help themselves to the contents of the fridge….

Our kitchen is small but works for our little family. It is, however, fairly builder-basic, and the window over the sink particularly has always annoyed me…no moulding around it, looking out onto the beige vinyl siding of the neighbors house some 8 feet away. In comparision to the view, washing dishes is downright exciting!

When we moved in we had some basic white 2″ faux wood blinds in the window, but they really were not functional for the window….when pulled up you had an ugly stack of wood at the top of the window, no privacy, and a view of said beige siding. When down, you had privacy but no light.

When my seamstress was working on a batch of projects a couple weeks ago I sent along some fabric remnants to her and had some tailored euro pleat cafe curtains done up. Now I know you are thinking OLD-FASHIONED and GRANNY when you think of cafe curtains, but really, they can be done in a very fresh, tailored way that looks great. And in my instance, they make a ton of sense….block the ugly view, add some privacy, but let in the light up above.

I chose a really simple narrow stripe, 100% linen that I pre-washed so they can go in the wash should we have any sink catastrophes! A little vase of fresh flowers and a favorite scented candle, and this Kitchen Slave is feeling like royalty when chained to her sink!


 I came across this sign somewhere online and when I saw it felt instantly better about the constant mess in our household….perhaps I need one to hang on our walls?

Have a wonderful Monday everyone, especially all you fellow Kitchen Slaves!

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11 Responses to “Kitchen Slave”

  1. They’re adorable Karla and NOT old fashioned at all … we are seeing more & more of this … they feel so homey. Nicely done :)

  2. Lizziefitz says:

    Love. I have 3 brothers and now 5 kids. I have always and will always be THE kitchen slave around here:)))

  3. Jodi says:

    I love them Karla! So simple and I love that you made them a bit glam with the pleated look.


  4. Marg says:

    I don’t find them old-fashioned at all either. Very cute. Amazing what fresh flowers will do in a room.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Love the curtains! Looks perfect:) Is 5 & 7 too young to implement kitchen slave??;)

  6. barbara says:

    Fabulous! If you had them made from doily lace- well then… But these are fresh! You always make everything look good!! I am working on romans for my kitchen window this week! Can’t wait to add a pop of pattern and to get rid of the ugly blinds that are there now!

  7. Tracey says:

    I’m laughing because it’s seeming like we all are simply living too close for comfort to our neighbors!!! Isn’t great we have wonderful people that will make us blinds?

  8. Holly says:

    Oh how true, I’m a kitchen slave! And the second my daughter and I walk in the door she wants to eat dinner, so it’s a mad scramble to get dinner prepared. And then just as I think I have a few free minutes, ah, there is a sink full of dishes that either need to be loaded into the dishwasher or cleaned by hand…UGH. Well, I think your cafe curtains are great and perfect for your kitchen window. I also have cafe curtains on our kitchen window and it makes doing dishes much better.

  9. I grew up in a house with children who did chores and I am forever grateful! I keep telling my kids that their time is coming! Love it! Love your blog!

  10. Judith says:

    Oh my goodness, by those words I must be a great Mom… I think you have definitely brought cafe curtains out of the archives and up to design inspiration. The tailored treatment makes them stylish and chic. I would never feel like a slave in that kitchen.

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