Dear blog readers, have you heard what very important day it is today? Before you scurry off to check your calendars, I’ll indulge you. Today is officially Nate Day. As in THE Nate Berkus.

For those of you non-Tweetaholics, Twitter has been abuzz of late with talk of Mr Berkus himself. What started as an idea to fill the audience of Nate Berkus new show with design bloggers {suggested by the fun & fabulous Moggit girls} has evolved into a day for design bloggers en masse to show their love for Nate {credit to @moggitgirls and @creatgirl}. With OVER 100 design bloggers taking part, I’ve no doubt Nate will get the message – he’s a favorite throughout the blogosphere!

Now I’ve sure my blogger buddies will do Nate’s design work justice. The man is the master of the mix – styles, periods, fabrics, textures and colours to create stunning spaces like these….

But {forgive me for saying this} there would be no NATE DAY if that were the whole story. No sir, as AMAZING as his design work is, {eek sacrilege} there are a whole slew of fabulous designers out there who create equally {though very different} spaces. Nope, there is more to Nate than  his design work, and those things are what has made Mr. Berkus a household name, as Paloma pointed out.

Could it be his dashing good looks? Let’s be honest, they don’t hurt…that man can rock a bowtie like nobodies business…

Tousled hair? check. Great smile? check. Stylish dresser and charming as anything? check check.

But dear friends, good looks alone aren’t what it’s about. Hmmmm….perhaps his buddy Oprah is the reason we are all a-flutter for Nate?

Though props to Oprah for seeing his talent and bringing Nate into every home with a tv, I don’t think that’s quite it either.

Perhaps bringing design to the masses with his chic-for-cheap lines for Linens n’Things and the Home Shopping Network is the key? {By the way Nate I have one of your 8 x 10  striped wool rugs that I got for $139, and I love love love it}

No my dears, Nate’s secret to his popularity isn’t in his fab designs, good looks, connections or products. I think the reason for Nate’s success is a very simple one – kindness. Every interaction we’ve witnessed of Nate’s, from chatting with Oprah about his personal life to surprising homeowners with room makeovers, has been real, approachable, genuine and kind. He’s allowed us to see his personality and shown that he truly cares about people.

Because of this, it is A GIVEN that the new show {starting Sept. 13th} will be a raving success. Cheers to our design darling Nate and best wishes for his newest endevour – we’ll be watching and loving every minute of it.

Happy Nate Day!

PS to see a complete list of Nate Day {#NATEDAY} blog  posts, visit HERE


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3 Responses to “{The Design Darling of Twitter} Happy Nate Day!”

  1. You’re so right about his kindness. It shows in how he reveals his work. He’s thought about the client and how to best represent them, not just Nate-ify a space. Few designers can say that.

  2. I enjoyed your NateDay post. I couldn’t agree with you more. It takes more than just talent to reach that far, never mind a little assist from Oprah. His personality and good character (plus that dashing smile) helped him along the way.

    Have a fantastice day!

  3. Couldn’t agree more it is all those things mixed in but it is his true kindness that is so appealing! It is so refreshing in a world where people can become bigger than themselves! Thanks so much for joining in on our NateDay, it was great fun finding new blogs like yours! Enjoy your weekend!

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