Tell Me You Love it {Sh*t Interior Designers Say}

I’m sure you’ve all seen the parodies on the hilarious “Sh*t Girls Say” videos, right? Well the folks at Traditional Home magazine posted their own version today on YouTube…poking fun at the design industry using some very high profile designers – Amanda Nisbet, Eddie Lee, Nick Olsen, and Carson Kressley. Needless to say, “Tell me [...]

Hamptons Fantasy

I’m fantasizing about building this beautiful home on an island somewhere {or heck, forget the island, a lot in the suburbs would work too!}: In my dream, the interior is designed by the offspring of Thomas O’Brien, Darryl Carter, and Victoria Hagan. Please don’t stop to ponder the logistics of this arrangement, just imagine the beauty that would result from [...]

"My Design Story" – the Nanny Diaries for the interior design set

Oh. My. Goodness. I’m sure in every line of work we have all dealt with, er, let’s call them “challenging” people. This anonymous interior designer’s sagas (written by a ghost writer) of her clients from hell makes any of our troublesome clients seem like angels! Her tales have had me gasping with horror and laughing (all names [...]

Signs of Life

A couple weeks ago I brought home one of the big glass urns from the shop, filled it with water and freshly cut branches, and placed it on our dining room table. My husband eyed it, gave me a look that meant “I think you’ve lost it, but I’m going to go along with it [...]

#1 Fan

We are blessed to have two very sweet nieces named Katherine (9) and Megan (4). They often write us emails (kids these days are WAY too computer savvy) and I just had to share the latest one we received…. _____________________ From: Katherine Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2007 8:51 AM To: Jeff and Karla Amadatsu Subject: [...]

Design Confessions…

I once made my sweet husband drive me all the way to the Restoration Hardware store in Seattle (we’re talking a whole other country people!) to buy a sofa (it was discontinued, literally the last one left in all of Canada and the US, and FABULOUS).   What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in your quest [...]

10 Signs You’re Interior Design Obsessed

You have years worth of Elle Décor, House and Home, Style at Home, and Domino stacked chronologically in your closet. You TiVo practically the whole lineup of shows on HGTV. The people at the local Benjamin Moore store know you by name. Your living room is actually slightly smaller than it was when you moved [...]

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